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Wealth Vision

Avondale Wealth Advisors offer all clients a robust financial planning and aggregation tool called Wealth Vision.

Wealth Vision is designed to be a one-point portal for aggregating our clients accounts on a nightly basis. Our clients may have accounts at various financial institutions but they have one location to see updated balances.

Financial and legal documents surround our lives, even in the digital age.  Think about it.  Buy or sell a home.  Create a will or trust.  Start an investment account.  Protect your family's income, provide for your long term care needs, protect your home - all done through insurance policies.  Wouldn't it ease your mind to know that all these documents are in one safe place, easily reachable by you, and available whenever you need them?

The Vault provides a secure place outside your home to store important documents in an organized and protected way.  Your valuable documents are stored in a digitally secure, encrypted, password protected personal website that only you and your advisor team can access.  No matter where in the world you may be, the documents will be available in a single, secure location.

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General Documents 

  • Key contacts address and phone numbers
  • Social Security card
  • Birth certificates
  • Marriage certificate
  • Passport/Citizenship papers
  • Driver's Licenses
  • Adoption papers
  • Appraisal or inventory for valued items
  • Pre-nuptial agreement
  • Divorce Decree and associated papers
  • Military separation papers
  • Safe combination
  • Safe deposit box number list
  • Location of safe deposit box keys and bank
  • Videos of personal possessions

Insurance Documents

  • Life insurance policies
  • Disability insurance policies
  • Health insurance identification cards
  • Travel insurance policy
  • Property and Casualty policies
  • Veteran's Administration insurance papers
  • List of beneficiaries, including name, relationship, social security number, address and phone numbers

    Tax Documents

    • Federal and state tax returns
    • Federal and state gift tax returns
    • Deferred compensation agreements
    • Pension plan
    • Annuity distribution statements
    • Promissory notes for debts owed

    Legal Documents

    • Trust documents
    • Will, Durable Powers of Attorney for Financial and Health matters
    • Real estate deeds and title documents
    • Motor vehicle title
    • Buy/Sell partnership agreement

    Investment Documents

    • Annual brokerage account statements
    • Annual retirement statements - Traditional IRA, Roth IRA, 401(k), 403(b), 457 accounts
    • Stock certificates not held in an account
    • Bearer bonds not held in an account
    • Investment club documents
    • Annual college account statements (529, Coverdell)
    • Security cost basis
    • List of beneficiaries by account, including name, relationship, social security number, address, phone numbers

    Bank Documents

    • Annual money market account statements 
    • Annual credit union statements
    • List of credit cards, including account number, issuer and issuer's phone number
    • List of loans outstanding, including creditor's name, contact information

    Medical/Emergency Documents

    • Living will or health care proxy
    • Durable Powers of Attorney for financial and Health matters
    • Prescription plan identification cards
    • Last will and testament
    • Last letter to Family
    • Letter of instruction to executor/executrix
    • Burial instructions
    • Cemetery plot deed
    • Pre-paid cremation or burial agreements
    • Funeral home preference, including name and location
    • Family death certificates